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Solar Squad designs and installs solar systems with the world's best solar suppliers, all backed by a 30-year warranty.


Solar is more reliable than you think.

Contrary to popular belief, solar energy is the world's most reliable and abundant energy source. With a complete solar energy system by Solar Squad, you can reliably and affordably produce energy to run power-hungry buildings. Choose from using the grid as a fall-back energy source or store your own energy with a battery back-up system.


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Guaranteed Savings | 30-Year Warranty


Green electricity for (much) less.

Generate solar at the lowest price of any national provider and take control of your building's utility bills. When you upgrade to solar, you'll consume less energy from the grid. When the sun is bright, you can sell excess energy back to the grid and receive monthly statement credits. You'll also get tax incentives!


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Guaranteed Savings | 30-Year Warranty


Sleek design. Durable construction.

Our solar panels are low-profile and durable — quietly converting sunlight to energy for decades to come. Integrated hardware and simple design achieve this by securing the panels close to your roof and to each other for a minimal aesthetic.


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Guaranteed Savings | 30-Year Warranty


Harness the power of the Texas sun.

Choose between Tesla and LG panels, designed to be highly efficient and deliver maximum solar production year-round. Your fully integrated system is safe, reliable, and fully automated. We'll also monitor your solar system for any downtime.


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Guaranteed Savings | 30-Year Warranty


Here's how solar energy systems work.

From permitting to installation, we’ll take care of everything. We’ll gather remote aerial imagery of your building, design your system, take care of any necessary permits, and schedule your installation.

1. Capture

Your solar panels capture the sun’s rays and efficiently converts them into electrical energy.

2. Convert

Microinverters convert the DC energy from the panles into AC energy to be used by the building.

3. Distribute

Energy goes directly to the main electric panel and distributed into the building.

4. Sell

Excess energy is sold to the grid. Additional grid energy powers your business at night.

5. Backup

Store excess power generated by your solar system and enjoy complete independence from the grid. This is an optional add-on.


After your system is installed, access your monitoring software to see all aspects of your system’s performance.


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Guaranteed Savings | 30-Year Warranty


Own for less than your electric bill.

Electricity costs have risen nearly 30% since 2007. While electricity costs keep climbing, solar protects your wallet by substantially reducing or completely eliminating your electric bill. Your solar payment will be one low stable monthly payment. Once your system is paid off, you’ll save even more.


See immediate savings on day one.

Pay Nothing Upfront

With $0 upfront cost, Solar Squad customers save money from day one. As energy prices rise, you save even more.

Increased Building Value

Adding solar is an investment for your building. Studies indicate that buildings with solar sell at a premium.

Low Payments

Solar is a low, fixed monthly payment so you can finally say goodbye to your rising electric bill.

Tax Incentives

Qualify for up to a 30% tax credit to help with the cost of your solar system. We'll help you calculate these savings.


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Guaranteed Savings | 30-Year Warranty


Hear from real business owners.



Business Owner

"Turns out, going solar was the solution I needed to maintain consistent profitability at my factory. Electricity costs are now low and steady."



Business Owner

"My beverage distribution service has high refrigeration costs. I used to suffer from peak energy usage until I switched to solar energy. Easy installation and constant monitoring did the trick for me."



Business Owner

"I was hesitant about solar until Jorge from Solar Squad showed me potential savings. Not only did they hit the mark, but I'm fully protected for a full 30 years."


Mike S.

Business Owner

"My buildings looks beautiful. Solar roofs give it a modern aesthetic, plus the green aspect is most definitely a selling point for climate-conscious customers."

Full Coverage

Industry-leading warranty covering the components of the complete system and associated labor with. NO deductible.

Industry Leading

Businesses are directly insured by an A-rated insurance company with experience protecting the solar industry.

Roof Protection

The included workmanship warranty safeguards your roof against costly roof penetrations from the environment.

30 Years

No Deductible

Parts & Labor


Free Monitoring

Easy Claims

Solar Squad designs and installs solar systems with the world's best solar suppliers.


Frequently Asked Questions

How reliable is solar?

Solar energy generation is a safe, affortable, and reliable way to power entire buildings, no matter the size.

Will I own my panels?

You'll lease your system with lower monthly payments than your average utility bill. You'll then own your panels after 15 years.

How can I make sure they're working?

We offer a free solar monitoring system that helps you gauge every aspect of your solar system. It also helps us determine when you're in need of any help.

How long do the panels last for?

Our panels are designed to withstand a heavy beating, that's why you're covered with a 30 year warranty that covers every aspect of your solar system without a deductible.

What if I sell my business?

Not only will you enjoy increased value, but you can transfer the warranty to the new business owner, free of charge.

What happens if it's cloudy?

When the solar energy system is unable to product enough energy to power the building, you'll pull in a small amount of energy from the grid to make up for the shortage. This is all done safely and automatically.

Will I get credit for excess energy?

If you produce more energy than you consume, you'll automatically sell this excess energy back to the grid. You'll then receive a statement credit.

How much will I save?

It depends on your average monthly electric bill. The more you use, the more you'll save against traditional billing. When you request a system, we'll show you potential savings.

Can I store energy for later?

You can opt for an optional battery storage system that completely shields you from outages caused by the grid.

Isn't green energy bad?

Contrary to the popular narrative, green energy is the only path forward for sustainable energy production. In fact, solar energy is responsible for the majority of sustained renewable energy production in the U.S.


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Guaranteed Savings | 30-Year Warranty

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Guaranteed Savings | 30-Year Warranty

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